Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Well, this was an awkward post to do, to say the least.  Not awkward because it involved cheating, let' face it, cheating is something that will always be... but awkward because we are pointing out the cities with the most cheaters!

So who better to know who the cheaters are and where they hail from other than that famous website best known for hooking up people looking for extramarital affairs - non other than

Way back in March or so of 2012, they came out with the results of a poll they conducted regarding the cheating cities and here were the results:

10.  Vancouver (British Columbia)

Photo by Flickr user ecstaticist

9.  Toronto (Ontario)

Photo by Flickr user 416style

8.  Hamilton (Ontario)

Photo by Flickr user aaron.knox

7.  Winnipeg (Manitoba)

Photo by Flickr user AJBatac

6. Brampton (Ontario)

Photo by Flickr user ^ Missi ^

5.  London (Ontario)

Photo by Flickr user cjeremyprice

4.  Edmonton (Alberta)

Photo by Flickr user Drregor

3.  Calgary (Alberta)

Photo by Flickr user Ayrcan

2.  Saskatoon, (Saskatchewan)

Photo by Flickr user Aaron_S.

And finally the city with the most horniest, uhm, sorry we meant with the most cheaters is:

1. Ottawa (Ontario)

Photo by Flickr user abdallah

So there you have it!  Ottawa is the city of lust!  By-the-way, why is half the results here from the province of ONTARIO???

So to break it down even further....

Ottawa is the city with the highest per capita membership with with a membership of almost 50,000!  What is going on there?

According to new data regarding Ottawa’s membership per capita, the most affair seekers reside in the Glebe, with Silver Springs and Upper Mount Royal rounding out the top three. 


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