Sunday, 5 May 2013

Walkers Creek Condo Construction and Fire Damage

Construction began on the first vertical condominium in St. Catharines in over 20 years. 
Construction started in November of 2012 and was well underway when a fire broke out in May of 2013.

Start of Construction

Partial side and back of condo as seen through the trees

February 2013, A Few Months Later...

March 2013, Construction Kept On Through Winter...

Late March...
By now the 2nd floor had been added.

Middle to Late April...

Then on May 4th, 2013 the unexpected happened.
Fire destroyed part of the building...

May 5, 2013
A better look of the damage was captured.


  1. Terrible, terrible! They believe some teens done it

  2. How awful- I doubt they had factored adequate fire and water damage repair into the construction budget.

  3. That is devastating for the developers. Even at a construction site, property owners and contractors need to have a system in place. A fire detection monitoring system in Vancouver saves the property owner on insurance costs, leads to faster response times and less property damage. It could have minimized the destruction.

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