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✚Canada Health: Top 10 Types of Organ Transplants in Canada


According to the Canadian Organ Replacement Register (CORR), there were over 2100 transplants of organs in all provinces in the year 2010.  2102 transplants to be exact.
The most transplanted organ? - Kidney, with deceased donor kidneys being transplanted more than living donor kidney.


Top 10 Types of Organ Transplants in Canada:

  1. Kidney (from a deceased donor)
  2. Kidney (from a living donor)
  3. Liver
  4. Heart
  5. Lung (bilateral)
  6. Kidney and pancreas
  7. Lung (single)
  8. Pancreas
  9. Intestine
10. Heart and Lung

Interesting Enough and In Comparison...

The total number of organ donors for the same year - 1023.
Deceased organ donors - 466
Living organ donors - 557
The province of Ontario had the most with 464 donors.

Number of transplant recipients will be less than the number of transplants as some patients have received more than one transplant/more than one organ. Kidney-pancreas transplants, however, are not included under kidney transplants or under pancreas transplants.

Not all types of transplants are performed in each province.

Data Definition:
Deceased Organ Donor: A person for whom neurological death has been determined, consent has been obtained and organs are offered for transplantation. Neurological determination of death means that there is an irreversible absence of clinical neurological function as determined by definite clinical and/or neuroimaging evidence. Within CORR, deceased donors are defined as those donors who originated in Canada and who have had at least one solid organ used for transplantation. Solid organs that can be donated after death include the heart, liver, kidneys, pancreata, lungs, intestine and stomach.

Living Organ Donor: A donor with a biological (related) and/or emotional relationship (unrelated) to the transplant recipient. Living donors most commonly donate one of their kidneys. A lobe of the liver, a lobe of the lung, a segment of the pancreata or the intestine may also be donated by a living donor. At the time of this report, living pancreas and intestine transplants had not been performed in Canada.

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